Heavy metal bands per 100,000 people via @Amazing_Maps on Twitter.

Heavy metal bands per 100,000 people via @Amazing_Maps on Twitter.

I was completely caught off-guard and blown away by the first Carcass album in nearly 20 years. Surgical Steel brings back fond memories of the early 90’s beginnings of the melodic death metal movement.

Two tracks you should check out immediately: The Master Butcher’s Apron and Captive Bolt Pistol.

Metalblade Records has a released the new Týr ‘Valkyrja’ album early via Soundcloud. Check out a kick-ass cover of Pantera’s “Cemetery Gates”.

Random Favorite

Green Carnation “Pile of Doubt”

I came across Green Carnation, and this song specifically, about 7 years ago. Oddly enough it came from a very unlikely place in the NHL 2K7 video game soundtrack.

The mix of progressive and classic rock with some doom metal undertones instantly drew me in and never let go. This is one of those songs that is just a world unto itself that feeds my imagination every time I listen.

Absolutely solid from start to finish. Finland’s Amorphis released “Circle”, their 11th studio album in 21 years today in North America. Give it a listen!